Shari Finn

  • Senior Model Maker
  • 12+ years experience in the film industry
  • 20+ films including The Hobbit, District 9, Matrix Reloaded, Star Wars III
  • Loving wife of Camille Dodson

High profile film work includes Chappie, Dracula, The Hobbit, The Amazing Spider-man, Elysium, District 9, Star Wars Eps 3 and Matrix Reloaded. Expertise in cutting edge technologies like 3D printing, milling, and laser cutting mixed with traditional methods of model making, casting, molding, and leatherworking.

Joined Weta Workshop as a miniature model maker on Prince Caspian. Quickly branched out into other departments like creatures, animatronics, leather, construction, props, and costuming. I led the team in creating Elysium’s HULC exo-skeleton with functional, mechanical and engineered components. Received high praise from Neill Blomkamp and Matt Damon on the suit’s innovative, light-weight, and non-ristrictive execution. R&D efforts became our foundation of future sci-fi hero suits. My last role at Weta I headed the props department and armor manufacture.

I work across many technician manufacturing fields. Our facilities advancements in 3D technologies have meant me working closely with Rapid prototyped and milled components of manufacture. Of resent years in my position at Weta I have worked intensely with clean-up prep and resurfacing of RP pieces in the assembly of many of our high end prop and weapon deliverables.

Chappie – Droid manufacture, suit rigs and weapons
WarCraft – Weapons, armor, costume props, suit rigs
Mad Max: Fury Road – Hero costume props, masks, props
Dracula Unleased – Armor, helmets and costume
The Amazing Spider-man 2 – Venom tray prop, Electro tank rig, Goblin glider, props and Green Goblin suit manufacture
Hobbit – Design marquettes, weapons, armor, props, collectables (BagEnd and Rivendell, weapons and staves)
Elysium – Head model maker HULC suit exo suit
Valve Portal – Turret gun manufacture
Blizzard – DOTA2 sword collectables
Avatar – Model making and props, weapons
District 9 – Model making, weapons, props, collectables

Camille Dodson

  • Project Manager / UX Designer
  • 8+ years in entertainment industry
  • Has done work for LEGO, DreamWorks, & Adult Swim
  • Led products with 14+ million customers, including mobile game “Robot Unicorn Attack 2”
  • Loving partner of Shari Finn


Professional Involvement

Fleur Gunn

  • Marketing advisor
  • Sparkles, hugs, & rainbows

Samantha Swords

  • Product design advisor / product tester
  • Sword fighting world champion

Rahul Mukherjee

  • Design advisor / community outreach

Rene Apperley

  • Photographer extraordinaire

Tara Brannigan

  • Community outreach / mentor