Spider-Man 2

Amazing Spider-man 2 Model Making

I was a Senior Model Maker within a team at Weta Workshop, manufacturing specialist props and costumes for this film. I personally worked on the restraint tank for Electro, including his head and hand restraints. My personal favorite was the Venom Tray, which I made using traditional model-making techniques and some laser cut panels. I also had my hand in the model making process of the Green Goblin’s glider – resurfacing, sculpting, and finishing the surface after being 3D milled. Our team brought it to life.

Model Making on The Amazing Spider-man 2

Venom Tray –

My role in this prop was manufacturing the base functioning box, with working lid and flip screen. My very talented colleges designed the veil lift mech and back-light effect



 Electro suspension rig

For this functional set piece (prop), I hand model made the head and neck components for the rig, also manufactured the hand restraints and finger attachments.

_UP_9457_140213Elctro rig SMII

GREEN GOBLIN  Flick knife: Clean-up, fitting and surface prep of rapid prototype parts

GREEN GOBLIN GLIDER: assemble the 3D milling, resurface and carve back the undercuts that the mill left-out, then add the detail.

_UP_1652_120413 - Copy_UP_0355_030413

Green Goblin’s Exo-Skeleton

R&D developed on Elysium exo-suits were the basis for creating Green Goblin’s suit movement. I was on the building and assembly team for multiple versions of this suit. Within the model making department, I was responsible for cleanup, resurfacing, and the masters of all components before reproduction.

_MG_0994_150513_SUP4916_030513 _UP_0195_280313