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Concept Models


While at Fox Studios in Australia, on the production of “Superman Returns”, I created art department concept models. They were constructed before the sets were built, as part of the art design process. These were all hand-constructed from plans and designs, using a variety of materials such as polystyrene, foam core, foamex, and other card-like materials.

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Model Making on The Amazing Spider-man 2

Venom Tray –

My role in this prop was manufacturing the base functioning box, with working lid and flip screen. My very talented colleges designed the veil lift mech and back-light effect



 Electro suspension rig

For this functional set piece (prop), I hand model made the head and neck components for the rig, also manufactured the hand restraints and finger attachments.

_UP_9457_140213Elctro rig SMII

GREEN GOBLIN  Flick knife: Clean-up, fitting and surface prep of rapid prototype parts

GREEN GOBLIN GLIDER: assemble the 3D milling, resurface and carve back the undercuts that the mill left-out, then add the detail.

_UP_1652_120413 - Copy_UP_0355_030413