Blizzard Crown

oe4NmHours of working the surface, bringing out the different textures, lines and anglesSharilrg


DOTA2 Vanguard Shield

This shield had been 3D double sided milled. Using multiple sculpting and carving tools I reworked the surface bringing out all the undercuts that was missed in the milling process. I cleaned up the surface and textured the contrasting areas to highlight the changes in materials. I inlayed leather in the back and made the handles.


DOTA2 Butterfly Sword

This sword started as a 3D model that was then 3D milled and printed. I took the multiple pieces and assembled, sanded and resurfaced the sword in preparation for mass manufacture. The blades texture and aging is an area of interest for me, as i aim to recreate metal finishes out of plastic.


DOTA2 Demon Edge Sword

After the 3D model had been 3D printed, I was the model maker to assemble, clean-up, resurface and texture this sword. Adding aging and surface detail to bring it to life and give the weapon realism.


Wind in the Willows

I model made the jetty, chair and surrounds for these bookends. I really enjoyed carving the old fashioned miniature leather chair and was very pleased with the end result.