Concept Models


While at Fox Studios in Australia, on the production of “Superman Returns”, I created art department concept models. They were constructed before the sets were built, as part of the art design process. These were all hand-constructed from plans and designs, using a variety of materials such as polystyrene, foam core, foamex, and other card-like materials.

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Valve: Portal 2 Turret


As part of the Weta Workshop team, I worked on this life-size replica of a Portal 2 Turret for Valve’s offices. My job started after getting a large block off of the mill, to which I fitted, sanded, and surfaced to prepare before molding. It was then cast in fiberglass. After that, I assisted in fitting and assembling the body, and dressing out the internal mechanical components of the moving turret gun.


Blizzard Crown

oe4NmHours of working the surface, bringing out the different textures, lines and anglesSharilrg


Amazing Spider-man 2 Model Making

I was a Senior Model Maker within a team at Weta Workshop, manufacturing specialist props and costumes for this film. I personally worked on the restraint tank for Electro, including his head and hand restraints. My personal favorite was the Venom Tray, which I made using traditional model-making techniques and some laser cut panels. I also had my hand in the model making process of the Green Goblin’s glider – resurfacing, sculpting, and finishing the surface after being 3D milled. Our team brought it to life.

Model Making on The Amazing Spider-man 2

Venom Tray –

My role in this prop was manufacturing the base functioning box, with working lid and flip screen. My very talented colleges designed the veil lift mech and back-light effect



 Electro suspension rig

For this functional set piece (prop), I hand model made the head and neck components for the rig, also manufactured the hand restraints and finger attachments.

_UP_9457_140213Elctro rig SMII

GREEN GOBLIN  Flick knife: Clean-up, fitting and surface prep of rapid prototype parts

GREEN GOBLIN GLIDER: assemble the 3D milling, resurface and carve back the undercuts that the mill left-out, then add the detail.

_UP_1652_120413 - Copy_UP_0355_030413

Armor Components

Soldiers Helmet

I model made the original helmet. Using stamped lead over a solid block. This was then reproduced into hundreds of on-set helmets.Helm7

_F4Q9757_260713 _MG_6117_260613

Kings Golden Armor

The base armor with sculpted detail was machine milled. I resurfaced and textured the design, bringing out surface texture and detail. The trick was to obtain a metal like finish in the milled model.

_SUP7330_060913 _SUP7342_060913

Relaxed Golden Armor

I stamped sheet lead using a laser cut acrylic die. This embossed surface texture gave the look of traditional metal chasing design.


Matt Damon Compliments for Elysium

I was the lead model maker on Matt Damon’s HULC suit. Seems all my R&D work paid off as Matt Damon complimented it highly in this short video.

Behind the Scenes of Elysium

Workshop test fitting of Crugger’s exo-suit and the HULC exo-suit. Crugger’s suit was built over the top of the original exo-skeleton that was developed for Matt Damon.

Crugger2 HULC1

Behind the Scenes of the Hobbit

Hobbit production video takes you to Weta Workshop, where I worked for 8 years.

Primitus Prototype – Armor for Women

sharifinnarmorI aim to create function protective armor that is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

I have been testing products and materials for strength, durability and flexibility. With the hope to sell these armor pieces to sword fighters, cosplayers, re-enactors etc.

See the Shari Finn Armor Facebook page for updates.