Exo Skeleton

Matt Damon Compliments for Elysium

I was the lead model maker on Matt Damon’s HULC suit. Seems all my R&D work paid off as Matt Damon complimented it highly in this short video.

Behind the Scenes of Elysium

Workshop test fitting of Crugger’s exo-suit and the HULC exo-suit. Crugger’s suit was built over the top of the original exo-skeleton that was developed for Matt Damon.

Crugger2 HULC1

Green Goblin’s Exo-Skeleton

R&D developed on Elysium exo-suits were the basis for creating Green Goblin’s suit movement. I was on the building and assembly team for multiple versions of this suit. Within the model making department, I was responsible for cleanup, resurfacing, and the masters of all components before reproduction.

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