DOTA2 Vanguard Shield

This shield had been 3D double sided milled. Using multiple sculpting and carving tools I reworked the surface bringing out all the undercuts that was missed in the milling process. I cleaned up the surface and textured the contrasting areas to highlight the changes in materials. I inlayed leather in the back and made the handles.


DOTA2 Butterfly Sword

This sword started as a 3D model that was then 3D milled and printed. I took the multiple pieces and assembled, sanded and resurfaced the sword in preparation for mass manufacture. The blades texture and aging is an area of interest for me, as i aim to recreate metal finishes out of plastic.


DOTA2 Demon Edge Sword

After the 3D model had been 3D printed, I was the model maker to assemble, clean-up, resurface and texture this sword. Adding aging and surface detail to bring it to life and give the weapon realism.


Wind in the Willows

I model made the jetty, chair and surrounds for these bookends. I really enjoyed carving the old fashioned miniature leather chair and was very pleased with the end result.

More Photos of the Armor


Green Goblin’s Exo-Skeleton

R&D developed on Elysium exo-suits were the basis for creating Green Goblin’s suit movement. I was on the building and assembly team for multiple versions of this suit. Within the model making department, I was responsible for cleanup, resurfacing, and the masters of all components before reproduction.

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Shari behind the scenes of The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Weta Workshop created physical props and gear for Spider-Man’s latest flick including the Green Goblin’s exo-skeleton suit, his glider, and venom tray. They also created a giant holding tank and rig for Electro’s prison cell. Check out their behind the scenes footage and watch for Shari’s quick cameo at 00:58 sec.

Interview with Shari by Australian arts center

National Association for the Visual Arts interviewed Shari a few years ago to help encourage students. Nice to hear how you can go from a student to a professional and make your dreams come true!